Black tan & white male

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GSD II (Pompe's):

16 October 2016


Black Blossom Troll Fia (imp Swe)

NJK, NK, BWNL'14, BJWNL'14, DJK, DKV  Happy Lapp Dumbo



Clear (A) by Heredity

Black tan and white Finnish Lapphund male dog walk on Dartmoor blue sky and sunshine in Devon countryside

Happy boy on Dartmoor - 1 year 4 months

Finnish Lapphund Club champ show 2018 junior dog pink show suit

Jennifer & Karhu - FLCGB Show April 2018

Black tan & white cute fluffy Finnish Lapponian Dog puppy 5 weeks old

Karhu 5 weeks

Black tan & white Finnish Lapphund male sitting in a kitchen on a wooden floor

Handsome Karhu - 1 year 4 months

Arvo at 5 weeks

Cheeky smiling Finnish Lapphund puppy 16 weeks old

Cheeky boy - 16 weeks


Infindigo Täysikuu Kaaito