Brown domino (grizzle) male

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29 March 2017


Infindigo Juhla Kaija

Terhakan Jallat (imp Fin)


Clear (A) by Heredity

Clear (A) by Heredity

Brown domino grizzle Finnish Lapphund male puppy dog at 6 weeks old, sitting on a grooming table with a red brick background.  Sire Terhakan Jallat, Finnish import, dam Infindigo Juhla Kaija.

Oakki 6 weeks

Cute and fluffy brown and white domino grizzle Lappy puppy sleeping snuggled up with black and white Husky sister with blue eyes

A big sister's tail makes a good pillow

Brown and white domino grizzle fluffy Finnish Lapphund puppy 9 weeks old, playing in a paddling pool in hot weather

Fun in the paddling pool on a hot day

Sweet brown and white domino Finnish Lapphund puppy at 8 weeks of age, sitting on a tan tiled floor next to a plant pot

8 weeks

Brown domino Finnish Lapphund learning agility with tunnel, dog walk, A frame and jumps

Oakki loves learning agility - May 2018 - photo courtesy of Evie Gomm, K-9 Spirit

Brown domino grizzle Finnish Lapphund puppy, 6 months old, sitting wth a black lead and smiling

Looking all grown up at 6 months

Infindigo Raita Oakki