Domino (grizzle) female

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GSD II (Pompe's):

29 March 2017


Infindigo Juhla Kaija

Terhakan Jallat (imp Fin)


Clear (A) by Heredity

Clear (A) by Heredity

Domino grizzle black and white Finnish Lapphund puppy bitch with sideways sit and aztec print background

Mäyrä 7 weeks

Cute Finnish Lapphund puppy playing tug with white Collie cross, puppy fun and games

Games with new big brother Broc

Black and white domino grizzle cute fluffy Finnish Lapphund puppy growing new adult teeth and losing baby teeth, white flash, badger, smiley puppy

Happy puppy 9 weeks

Having fun puppy - photo by Adele Liu Photography

9 weeks

Infindigo Raita Mäyrä