Neka     25 March 2004 - 28 September 2015

Elbereth Onnekas for Infindigo ShCM

Black, Tan & White Female

Dam:   Fin & Bel Ch Lumiturpa Pigga at Elbereth (imp Fin)
Sire:    Bel Ch Elbereth Runo in Bernavia

Hip Score:                 4 / 4
prcd-1 PRA:             Carrier (B)
Pompe's Disease:    Clear (A)


Neka was truly a dog in a million.  She was cheeky and full of fun, so clever and with a great sense of humour.  From the time she joined our household she became my ever-ready sidekick, tagging along wherever I went, whether it was to the post office or out to play a gig (she curled up on the car seat for a snooze until we were finished!)  She seemed to understand everything we said and even learnedo spell - she had no problems at all with w-a-l-k and d-i-n-n-e-r.

So flexible in her attitude, even as a puppy she didn't mind the sometimes chaotic lack of routine we offered her and took it all in her stride when other dogs might struggle to cope.  Her keen intelligence and boundless energy made her a bit of a handful as a youngster.  She would grab any opportunity to escape from house and garden but would never run far - she just wanted to race around the neighbours' houses to have a nosey in their garden or kitchen - whatever was open!  More than one of our neighbours were greeted by an unexpected, friendly little Lappy at the breakfast table.

As an adult, she lost none of her youthful zest for life, but became much more easygoing, obedient and reliable.  And always fantastic company.  She gave us 2 wonderful litters of puppies, making easy work of the births, and did a magnificent job of raising her puppies, passing her fabulous temperment on to them all.  She then took the role of ever-ready granny, always happy to see the grand-kids and on hand to help raise the puppies and teach them how to play. 


Losing Neka broke my heart.  You can read my tribute to her on the blog here.

Elbereth Onnekas for Infindigo ShCM 10 years

10 years

Neka Summer 2015 - 11 years

Elbereth Onnekas for Infindigo ShCM Aug 2015

8 weeks

10 weeks

9 weeks

1 year

Who's afraid of the vacuum?

Not me!

Neka 2012.jpg

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