If you are interested in having a puppy from us, please have a look at the "Getting a Puppy" page and then get in touch if you are interested in joining the waiting list.  Our next litter is planned for late summer 2020.


Finnish Lapphund puppies are still not exactly common, and we are very careful where our puppies go.  It's important to us to get to know the people who have our puppies, and we want to keep in touch throughout the dog's life.  For that reason, the people who get a Lappy puppy from us are those who keep in touch and become part of the "family". 

Thanks to the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic, we can't exactly visit yet.  However, if you want to start the process, the best advice is to join the Infindigo Facebook group and keep in touch that way.  We have lots of info there - and plenty of cute photos too. 

Wolf sable Finnish Lapphund puppy playing with hedgehog

Puppy Plans